Latter-day Saints and other religious people who experience same-sex attraction and/or sexual addiction in their lives are no longer alone. Many of us have banded together and found ways to deal with this difficult challenge in a way that allows us to continue to be disciples of Christ, to grow in our relationship with Him, and to experience all of the blessings of the Gospel plan in the end.

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To Helpful Organizations and Websites

Helpful Publications

(Note: Those resources marked with LDS generally sustain principles of the restored Gospel as well as Church doctrine, but this designation does not mean they are officially affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

(Note: Those resources marked with LDS generally sustain principles of the restored Gospel as well as Church doctrine, but this designation does not mean they are officially affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Abbott, Douglas and Dean Byrd. Encouraging Heterosexuality: Helping Children Develop a Traditional Sexual Orientation. $14.95.

A M.A.N.S. Journey from People Can Change
Masculinity -- Authenticity -- Need Fulfillment -- Surrender

Allen, James. As a Man Thinketh (e-book, study program, meditations, etc.)

LDS AMCAP (Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists) Journal Search Engine

LDS AMCAP (Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists). Understanding Male Homosexuality. $11.
The collected papers of several LDS therapists and researchers on issues dealing with erotic same-sex attractions.

Another Way Out

LDS Anderson, Scott & Kae. Homosexuality: Symptoms and Free Agency. $11.
Quotes from the LDS author: "By adopting the attitude that 'I don't have a choice...I was born this way,' one limits his own potential and disempowers any possibility of change... My life is a witness that the power of Jesus Christ's atonement is transforming."

Baker. Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity. Grand Rapids: 1982.

LDS Ballard, M. Russell. Councils. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book?
Includes a good section about Church disciplinary councils.

LDS Bednar, David A. "In the Strength of the Lord." Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on October 23, 2001

Bergner, Mario. Setting Love in Order. $12.
A powerlul account about the author's ten-year journey to wholeness. This book is an important contribution for those who seek freedom from homosexuality and for those who minister. Bergner is extremely insightful and expresses profound truths simply and beautifully.

Bohlin, Sue. "Can Homosexuals Change?" Probe Ministries, 1996.

Brestin, Dee. The Friendships of Women.
A very recommendable book on friendship for women strugglers or anyone who would like to have a greater understanding about what friendship means to women. It explores the characteristics of true, wholesome, righteous, intimate women's friendships, using examples of friends in the Bible. This book also contains a chapter about the lessons learned by a woman who was involved in a former lesbian relationship.

Brown, Nancy. Marriage or Mirage? Practical Help for Women Whose Husbands Struggle with Homosexuality.
This Exodus booklet gives practical help for women whose husbands struggle with same-sex attractions. Discusses the joys and despair that such a marriage can bring to spouses. It explains some of the issues she has to deal with and the choices available in dealing with them. The importance of depending on a close relationship with God is emphasized, and includes the truth that both the origins and healing of this problem are the responsibility of the husband.

LDS Byrd, A. Dean. Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ.
This book is for Church leaders and members seeking clarification on the policy of the Church with respect to homosexual behavior. Statements from both ancient and modern prophets as well as an overview of scientific research that argues against biological determination are followed up by a brief discussion of proven methods to overcome homosexual behavior.

LDS Byrd, A. Dean. "Interview: An LDS Reparative Therapy Approach for Male Homosexuality."
Published in the AMCAP Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, 1993 Issue.

LDS Byrd, A. Dean. "When a Loved One Struggles with Same-Sex Attraction," in the Ensign, September 1999, pp. 51-55.
Families and friends can reach out to those with homosexual difficulties by relying on accurate information and on guidance from the Lord's prophets. There is no struggle for which the Atonement is not sufficient.

LDS Byrd, A. Dean, and Mark Chamberlain.Willpower is Not Enough. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1995.
This book explains why we don't often succeed and change even though we tell ourselves "no!", and use all our willpower. It takes you through a step by step process of enlisting the powers of our hearts instead of just our heads in order to make a change. Excellent reading.

LDS BYU. "Cyber Secrets: The Problem of Pornography".
A series of presentations given at a special conference sponsored by Women's Services and Resources, a department of Student Life at Brigham Young University. This site offers the presentations in streaming audio or in print.

Carnes, Patrick J. A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps. 1992. Published by Hazelden Educational Materials, P.O. Box 176, Center City, MN 55012-0176.
This is the first workbook on the Twelve Steps specifically designed with sex addicts and co-addicts in mind. It offers comprehensive and practical exercises for each of the Twelve Steps for anyone working a sexual recovery program.
See other books by Patrick Carnes on
the Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources list.

Carnes, Patrick J., David L. Delmonico, and Elizabeth Griffin. In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior.
Revealing how desperate life can become for someone addicted to online sex, this book brings hope and healing to men and women struggling to understand and overcome this compulsive behavior. Drawing on their collective clinical expertise as well as current research, the authors equip readers with specific strategies for recognizing and recovering from compulsive online sexual behavior.

Carvalho, Esly. "El proceso de sanidad" (cassette). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

LDS Chamberlain, Mark D., Daniel D. Gray, and Rory C. Reid (eds.) Confronting Pornography: A Guide to Prevention and Recovery for Individuals, Loved Ones, and Leaders.
The plague of pornography is real, and it is growing. For those who are trapped by its power, the way out may seem impossible. This is a collection of essays by professional counselors and Church leaders as well as from people who have overcome the addiction. This book is designed to offer help to those individuals caught in pornography's clutches and hope to all those who love them.

LDS Chamberlain, Mark. Wanting More: The Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction. Shadow Mountain, 2000. ISBN 1573458171.
Help in dealing with addictive substances and behaviors, through understanding what brings true enjoyment and fulfillment. This book tells how to reverse the trend in society today of getting caught in a downward spiral of aquiring more and more and enjoying it less and less. It's a compelling look at time honored principles of self-control, patience, and increased awareness which can work for anyone.  

Christianity and Homosexuality: Articles

LDS LDS Church First Presidency. "Proclamation on the Family." Salt Lake City, 1995.

Cloud, Henry, and John Townsend.The Mom Factor.
No one has influenced the person you are today like your mother. The way she handled your needs as a child has shaped your worldview, your relationships, your marriage, your career, your self-image...your life. This book can help you identify areas that need reshaping, to make positive choices for personal change, and to establish a mature relationship with Mom today. The authors steer you down a path of discovery and growth beyond the effects of six common types of mothers.

Cohen, Richard. Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality. Oakhill Press, 2000. 312 pp. Order form. $27.00. The German version, Ein anderes Coming Out: Homosexualität und Lebensgeschichte, is available from the Brunnen-Verlag. The Spanish version is Comprender y sanar la homosexualidad.
This book presents the basic causes of same-sex attractions, a model of recovery, and stories of individuals who made the change. The book has three parts: In Part I, the author shares his own story and the root causes of same-sex attractions. Part II presents a four-stage model of recovery and healing. Part III discusses the healing of homophobia by overcoming fear and hatred of homosexuality

Cohen, Richard. Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing. Information under Resource Materials.
Provides a 21-step plan for parents who have children dealing with same-sex attraction. It sets forth groundbreaking strategies to create secure attachment between parents and children. And it serves as a how-to-manual for parents whose children have either adopted a "gay" identity or who are still indecisive about their sexuality. This book offers helpful and practical tools to implement for family healing.

Comiskey, Andy. "Getting Off the Ex-Gay Plateau."

LDS Condie, Spencer J. "A Mighty Change of Heart."

Consiglio, William. Homosexual No More: Practical Strategies for Christians Overcoming Homosexuality. $11.
Practical strategies for Christians in overcoming homosexuality, including principles of daily self-therapy. Based on his teachings developed for ex-gay support group meetings. Includes a good self-esteem questionnaire.

Cook, Colin. Homosexuality: An Open Door? Boise, Idaho: Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1985. ISBN 0-8163-0610-9.
Written by the previously homosexual founder of Quest Learning Center and Homosexuals Anonymous.

LDS Covey, Stephen R. Spiritual Roots of Human Relations.
Bro. Covey really understands the spiritual side of our relationships to each other and Gospel principles that can guide us in our lives.

LDS Cox, S. & D. Dant. Developing Genuine Friendships.
A practical guide to help women struggling with same-sex attraction to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Designed as a workbook to understanding current and future friendships.

LDS Cox LCSW, Shirley; David Matheson, MA; and Doris Dant, MA. Evergreen Workbook for Men. No longer available.
A top-quality, information-packed, and highly readable reference which is of universal applicability to any man seeking self-insight on this subject. The authors mention that this book is a supplement -- not a substitution -- for counseling and support groups.
***Who has a copy of this workbook in digital form or in print form that can be scanned?

LDS Cox, Shirley, Laurie Forbes, and Doris Dant. Evergreen Workbook for Women. No longer available.
***Who has a copy of this workbook in digital form or in print form that can be scanned?

LDS Cramer, Steven. (See his publications on repentence and the Atonement in the Sexual Addiction Recovery list.)
Steven Cramer website

Current SSA Issues at Another Way

LDS Curtis, Gerald.. (See Steven Cramer.)

Dalbey, Gordon B. Healing the Masculine Soul.

Dallas, Joe. Desires in Conflict: Answering the Struggle for Sexual Identity. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1991. ISBN 0-89081-897-5. $11.
Written by the president of Exodus International. Many useful chapters on the Christian experience with homosexuality, including information for family and friends and two chapters on lesbian concerns.

Dallas, Joe. "Holding Onto Sexual Integrity."
How can former homosexuals prevent being pulled back into habit patterns of the past?

Davies, Bob. Only in My Mind: Help for Those Who Have Never Acted Out. Exodus. $4.00.
Do homosexual thoughts mean that I am gay or lesbian? How can I overcome them? An inexpensive resource to help with your thought life. Begins with a story of his personal struggle. He lists the steps that lead to acting out. Other subjects include identity confusion, the influence of a permissive society, and increasing desire and temptations. Most of the last 2/3 of the book deal with how to keep from becoming involved in inappropriate behavior.  

Davies, Bob, and Lori Rentzel. Dejando atrás la homosexualidad. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Davies, Bob, and Lori Rentzel. Forming Healthy Friendships.
Exodus booklet is about finding new freedom in our closest peer relationships. It discusses some of the problems encountered in learning how to develop healthy relationships.  

Davies, Bob. Overcoming Pornography.
Finding freedom from a common form of sexual addiction. Learn about the successful strategies others have used to find freedom from pornography. This
Exodus booklet covers the topics of: the appeal of porn, the addictive cycle, toots of addiction, behavior patterns, triggers, fake vs. real relationships, and finding freedom.  

Davies, Bob. Someone I Love is Gay.
The book is written from the standpoint of someone who has been in it and come out of it and a mother having to deal with the news that her son is a homosexual.  She loves her son right where he is.

LDS Dew, Sheri. "Living On the Lord's Side of the Line." Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on March 21, 2000.

Eldredge, John. Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul.
This excellent book talks about the need for men's masculinity to be affirmed by other men. Every man was once a boy. And every little boy has dreams, big dreams: dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. But what happens to those dreams when we grow up? In this book, men are invited to recover their masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God.
Wild at Heart Bootcamp

LDS Eldridge, Erin. Born That Way. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1994. $14.
A very helpful book relating the success story of an LDS lady who overcame her SSA through the Atonement. Both men and women can learn some of the greatest lessons of life in the Gospel from this book.

Esperanza para el Corazón. Claves bíblicas para la redención sexual. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

North Star disclaimer: Although North Star as an organization supports the teachings of the Gospel regarding sexuality and family life, they place value on sharing many different perspectives, including some that may distort Gospel teachings. In their resources pages, they don't limit listings to sources of information that always adhere to Gospel teachings. Here we try not to link to any of the questionable material on the North Star website or in its discussion forums, but you may run across certain ideas there that you may want to question or discard in your search for helpful truths, especially in their blog that invites guest opinions, in the comments to said blog posts, and in links to certain outside resources. In this modern age, it is vital to be able to discern between ideas that are faithful to Gospel principles and ideas designed to carefully lead us astray.

LDS North Star: Church teachings about sexuality

LDS North Star: General Authority statements

LDS North Star: Church teachings about gender

LDS Latter-day Saint Resources about Same-Sex Attraction
Including Church publications and talks given by General Authorities at Evergreen conferences.

Help for those experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction, including explanations, organizations, resources, etc.
Resources in various languages

Exodus International articles

Exodus International. "Choosing to Change from Homosexuality." Video..

Exodus International. "Marriage and the Homosexual Struggle." Video.

Exodus International. "Roots of Lesbianism." Video.

Exodus International. "Understanding Homosexuality: Roots and Recovery."

LDS FAIR (The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research). "Biblical Condemnations of Homosexual Conduct."
This article contains an intellectual analysis of homosexual conduct as it is discussed in the Bible. While it is orthodox in its theology, it discusses various interpretations in historical and doctinal context of those passages in the Bible that specifically reference homosexual conduct.

Fernández, Heisha. Libre del lesbianismo: Un nuevo pacto. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

LDS Flanders, Dan. Talk on same-sex attraction given at the leadership session of stake conference in the Cincinnati Ohio North Stake on February 14, 1998.

LDS Flanders, Dan. "What Every Bishop Should Know about Same-Sex Attraction."

Foster, David K. Sanidad Sexual. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Freeman, Penny. "When Female Friendships Stray."

Fryrear, Melissa. "Understanding Female Homosexuality" and "Testimony" (CD).

Galindo, Oscar. "Prevención y sanidad del quebrantamiento sexual" (CD). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Galindo, Oscar. "Pureza y sanidad sexual: Para jóvenes" (CD). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Galindo, Oscar. "Raíces y manifestaciones del quebrantamiento sexual" (CD). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

LDS Godfrey, Floyd. Healing Homosexuality: Testimonies of Change (cassettes).
These four cassettes are recordings of actual live interviews conducted by a professional counselor with individuals who struggled with same-sex attractions and who have made significant changes in their lives in overcoming this challenge. They bring hope to individual strugglers, parents, and clinicians that change is possible.

LDS Godfrey, Floyd. A Young Man's Journey: Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings

Gomes, Peter J. The Good Book.
Includes a chapter on homosexuality and really terrific notes and references on the topic. The author is Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard College.

LDS Goode, Rex Rex's Essays on Same-Sex Attraction

LDS Graham, Janice Barrett. My Darling from the Lions: A boy falls to homosexuality, A mother turns to God, A family is changed forever. 2005: Tidal Wave Books.
Journal entries reveal a mother's life-changing spiritual journey paralleling her son's struggle with and success in overcoming pornography addiction and homosexual tendencies. This true story takes a hard look at Mormon culture and refutes both what the author considers to be enabling perspectives and homophobic attitudes. More importantly, this is a testamony of the power of faith, the proximate possibility of change, and the reality of experiencing inner peace, whatever the nature of our personal challenges.
This story describes profound soul-searching experiences and divine guidance for a mother and father as they retrieve a son who had been victimized by pornography, chat rooms, homosexuality, and peer abuse. The book provides hope for individuals and families-that change is possible.

LDS Gray, Dan, and Todd Olson. The Tool Box.
A valuable source of quick help in the recovery from sexual addictions. Indexed with valuable helps and short suggestions for keeping on track with the steps of the recovery process. It offers suggestions for helpful tools, such as a first aid kit for preventing problems. This booklet is a result of the combined experience of these therapists in working with and developing programs to help with the recovery from sexual addictions.

LDS Hafen, Bruce C. The Broken Heart.

LDS Hafen, Bruce C. "Elder Bruce C. Hafen Speaks on Same-Sex Attraction" [PDF]. A discourse on the subject offered at the Evergreen International Conference on 19 September 2009.
This is one of the most significant talks given to date on the topic, addressing both concerns of faithful Latter-day Saints and the misconceptions of worldly, politically "correct" ideas.

LDS Harrison (formerly Bernhard), Colleen C. He Did Deliver Me From Bondage. Revised edition 2002. Wyndhaven Publishing, P.O. Box 282, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. ISBN 1-930738-14-5.
A fantastic workbook especially for Latter-day Saints who desire to use 12-Step principles as taught in the Scriptures to overcome addictions. Recommended by
Steven Cramer and used in many self-help groups, including some sponsored by LDS Family Services.

LDS Harrison, Philip A. Clean Hands, Pure Heart. 2004. Wyndhaven Publishing, P.O. Box 282, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. Available from Rosehaven Publishing.
An excellent book for Latter-day Saints about overcoming sexual addictions written by someone who has successfully applied Gospel principles to this challenge.

Hart, Archibald D., and Timothy F. Hogan. How to Find a Therapist.
Seeking help in a time of crisis often does not bring the help we really need. This booklet goes through most of the practical considerations that should be a part of choosing a counselor who is right for you and who will help guide you in achieving your personal goals.

Hart, Archibald D. The Sexual Man.
Some very insightful comments about the sexual development of men as well as how and why things sometimes go wrong.

LDS Hinckley, Gordon B. "Reverence and Morality." Ensign, May 1987

LDS Hinckley, Gordon B. "What Are People Asking about Us?" Ensign, November 1998
Discusses the Church's attitude toward homosexuality.

LDS Hinckley, Gordon B. "Why We Do Some of the Things We Do." Ensign, November 1999.
Discusses the Church's attitude toward homosexuality and reasons for getting involved in legislative matters.

LDS Holland, Jeffrey R. "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence." Ensign, March 2000. Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on March 2, 1999

LDS Holland, Jeffrey R. "Helping Those Who Struggle with Same-Gender Attraction." Ensign, Oct. 2007, pp. 42-45.
You have a loved one or friend who struggles with same-gender attraction and asks for your help. What do you say? What can you do?
"When an angel asked Nephi a question about God, Nephi answered, 'I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things' (1 Nephi 11:17). I too affirm that God loves all His children and acknowledge that many questions, including some related to same-gender attraction, must await a future answer, perhaps in the next life."

LDS Holland, Jeffrey R. "I Stand All Amazed."

LDS Holland, Jeffrey R. "Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments." Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on January 12, 1988. Video at the BYU Library. Video on YouTube. DVD at Deseret Book.

LDS Holland, Jeffrey R. "Personal Purity." Ensign, November 1998.
A slightly different version of his 1988 BYU Devotional address, "Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments."

Houck, Doug. "The Four Stages of Healing."

Howard, Jeanette. Out of Egypt. Crowborough, England: Regeneration Books and Monarch Publications, 1997. $18.
Practical how-to guide for Christian female SSA strugglers and those who counsel them. Explains various issues confronting those trying to change their feelings and behavior. Jeanette also describes her own journey from lesbianism.

LDS Hulbert, Ryan J. The Sun Is Always Shining: Finding Joy through the Light of Christ.
Simple, powerful techniques to find joy through focusing on the Light of Christ. It's easy to let life's problems and frustrations get us down, and to allow worry, stress, and depression to prevent us from experiencing true joy. This book can help people to have a more joyful perspective on life by learning to recognize and follow the Light of Christ. These unique concepts and techniques are easy to use.

Hunter, Brenda, Ph.D. In the Company of Women. $13.
Building relationships with important women in our lives. Not about same-sex attraction.

Hurst, Ed. Homosexuality: Laying the Axe to the Roots. Minneapolis: Outpost, 1980.
A good, short pamphlet describing some ideas for working on many of the common roots of homosexuality.

LDS Hyde, Garrick & Ginger (eds). A Place in the Kingdom: Spiritual Insights from Latter-day Saints about Same-Sex Attraction. Salt Lake City: Century Publishing, 1997. ISBN 0-941846-05-9.
Essays on the effect of SSA in the lives of Latter-day Saints written largely by members of the Disciples2 group.

LDS Jeppsen, Rod. Lord, I Believe: Help Thou Mine Unbelief.
This book is for a family member who is trying to deal with the discovery that their loved one is viewing pornography or engaged in other compulsive behaviors. Even though one may believe in Christ and His Atonement, the hurt and pain caused from this shock is overwhelming. This book takes you on a healing journey as you walk through the hurt, resentment and anger created by your loved one’s choices. You will find encouragement from others who have traveled down this lonely road and discover what they have done to make healthily choices and begin the healing process. The book contains numerous quotes from the Apostles and Prophets that can guide and direct you. The workbook format will help you to record your thoughts, take responsibility for your emotions and learn productive ways to turn your trial over to the Lord. He has the power to heal. This book addresses the typical questions and points out the only sure resolution - a Christ-centered pathway for healing. Each chapter discusses one of the twelve Principles for spiritual and emotional healing, based on the Articles of Faith. Application of these principles will enable one to avoid inappropriate quilt, endless self-blaming, and harmful attempts to control a loved one.

LDS Jeppsen, Rod. Turn Yourselves and Live: Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord? ISBN 0-9661898-0-9. $18. Available from Deseret Book and BYU Bookstores.
This is a workbook with ten steps outlined for overcoming compulsive sexual behaviors. It is not a book by a psychobabbling professional. It's by a fellow struggler and former bishop who has used Gospel truths to affect his own recovery.

Johnson, Barbara. Where Does a Mother Go to Resign? $10.
True story of a mother's struggle with the death of two sons and the homosexuality of another.

LDS Kimball, Spencer W. The Miracle of Forgiveness. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft Publishers, 1969.
This book walks one through the repentance process, showing love and compassion toward the sinner. Pres. Kimball offers us hope as he shows how the Lord can and will forgive sin.

Konrad, Jeff A. You Don't Have to Be Gay: Hope and Freedom for Males Struggling with Homosexuality, or for Those who Know of Someone who Is. Hilo, Hawaii: Pacific Publishing House, 1992. ISBN 0-942817-07-9. $15.
A unique book about Christians leaving homosexuality behind, based on the author's personal experiences and written in the form of letters between two friends.

Lamb & Brinley. Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy.

LDS Larsen, Sharon G. "God's Love." Taken from an address delivered at the 11th Annual Conference of Evergreen International on September 15, 2001.

Lerner, Harriet, Ph.D. Dance of Anger. $13.
Teaches women how to turn anger into a constructive force in their life.

LDS LDS Church. God Loveth His Children, 2007.
Translations [PDF]: English -- Español -- Português -- Italiano -- Français -- Deutsch -- Nederlands -- Dansk -- Svenska -- Norsk -- Suomi -- Magyar -- Russkiy -- Ukrainska -- Zhonggwoyu -- Thai -- Nihon-go -- Han-Kook Oh -- Bahasa Indonesia -- Tagalog -- Lea Fakatonga -- Gagana Samoa -- Reo Tahiti -- Vosa vakaviti --
American Sign Language (WMV video)
Free printed copies: English -- Español -- Français -- English Subtitles and American Sign Language DVD
An official Church-published booklet that explains the basics about same-sex attraction challenges and Gospel-oriented response for strugglers and for their supporters.

LDS LDS Church. Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction.

LDS LDS Church - Gospel Topics. Pornography Addiction Recovery Resources.

LDS LDS Church - Gospel Topics. Same-Sex Attraction Recovery Resources.

LDS LDS Family Services - Addiction Recovery Program. A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing, 2007.
A wonderful 12-Step guide for working on and overcoming addictions and weaknesses using Gospel principles.
Translations: Español -- Português -- Deutsch -- Dansk -- Norsk -- Svenska -- Suomi -- Russkiy -- Ukrainska --
Mongol Khel -- Zhonggwoyu - Nihon-go
An audiobook version including all of the chapters is also available.

LDS LDS Media Talk: Resources for Same-Sex Attraction for Latter-day Saints

Lundberg, Gary & Joy. I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better.

LDS Mack, Kim A. The Unconquerable Soul: Finding Peace Amid the Struggle of Same-Sex Attraction. iUniverse, Inc., 2001. ISBN 0595170072.
Note: Although Sis. Nordyke-Mack has accepted gay-affirming philosophies in recent years and was excommunicated from the Church, the message in this book is still recommendable.

LDS Matheson, David. Four Principles of Growth.

LDS Matis, Fred & Marilyn, and Ty Mansfield. In Quiet Desperation: A Parent's Spiritual Journey toward Understanding, A Young Adult's Search for Purpose and Peace. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2004. ISBN 1-59038-331-1. Available from Deseret Book. Read a couple of excerpts online.
This sensitive and significant book has been written by individuals who feel and know things that many Latter-day Saints do not comprehend. It's the touching story of faithful Latter-day Saint parents who lost a same-sex attracted son to suicide, a story that educates and inspires Christ-like love. And the inspiring story and thoughts of a very insightful young man who truly understands some of the Gospel's most important principles as they relate to the struggles of Latter-day Saints who are dealing with same-gender attraction.

LDS Maxwell, Neal A. "A More Determined Discipleship." Ensign, Feb. 1979. Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on October 10, 1978.

LDS Maxwell, Neal A. "Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father." Ensign, November 1995.

McCabe, Peg J. Manual del Nuevo Amanecer. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

McGee, Robert S. Father Hunger. $13.
Written to help develop better relationships between fathers and their children. Discusses the effects of violations of trust. Also shows how our relationship with our fathers affect our relationship with God.

LDS McGrew, J. Michael, ed. "What Every Bishop Should Know about Men with Pornography Addictions."
An excellent article that can help addicts and family members, too.

Medinger, Alan. Comenzando un ministerio cristiano para quienes luchan con la homosexualidad. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Medinger. Alan. "Effeminate Men, Masculine Women."

Medinger, Alan. "Visual Stimulation and Healing."

Medinger, Alan & Willa. "Control: The Last Stronghold of Lesbianism."

LDS Millet, Robert. Alive in Christ.

LDS Millet, Robert L. When a Child Wanders. $14.
Is ther hope for children who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Bro. Millet explains how the power of the New and Everlasting Covenant makes redemption possible.

Moberly, Elizabeth R. Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic. Greenwood, So. Carolina: Attic Press, 1983. ISBN 0-227-67850-8. $10.
A scholarly book on her view of the root causes of homosexuality. One of the first authors to address the homosexual condition as an emotional and social problem for the struggler. It explains that the homosexual condition is a misguided attempt to fulfill normal developmental needs which for some reason were not fulfilled earlier. Considered by many to be a classic in the field.

Montión, Mauricio. "Comprendiendo la homosexualidad: Raíces y sanidad de la confusión de géneros" (cassette). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

LDS Morrison, Alexander B. "Some Gospel Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction." Taken from an address delivered at the 10th Annual Conference of Evergreen International on September 16, 2000.

LDS Name Withheld. "Becoming Whole Again."

LDS Name Withheld. "Compassion for Those Who Struggle." Ensign, Sept. 2004, pp. 58-62.
Friendship and compassion can strengthen those dealing with same-sex attraction.

LDS Name Withheld. "My Battle with Same-Sex Attraction." Ensign, Aug. 2002, pp. 48–51
He was certain Heavenly Father had given up on him. How wrong he was!

NARTH: Books & Reviews

LDS Nelson, Russell M. "Self-Mastery."

Nicolosi, Joseph. Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy.

Nicolosi, Joseph. The Homosexually Oriented Man's Relationship to Women.
The primary focus of reparative therapy for men is always on the healing of same-sex relationships. A reparative therapist strongly encourages the establishment of healthy, non-erotic friendships with men. There comes a time, however, when some clients evolve to a point of readiness to enter an intimate relationship with a woman.

Nicolosi, Joseph. Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality: A New Clinical Approach. Northvale, N.J.: Jason Aronson, Inc., 1991. ISBN 0876685459. $40.
The authoritative guide to reparative psychotherapy for homosexuality, a therapy that can help homosexual men who are unhappy with their sexual orientation explore the source of their problem, nonerotic same-sex relationships that diminish the sexual attraction they feel toward men, become more secure in their gender identity, and enjoy heteresexual relationships.

Nicolosi, Joseph. "Homosexualität muss kein Schicksal sein." (Leseprobe). Aussaat-Verlag. In German.

Nicolosi, Joseph, and Linda Ames Nicolosi. A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press.

LDS Night, Bridget. Prayers for Johnathan. Available both online and in print form from the author.
A unique story of an LDS mother who bridges the gap between faithful Christians and those who are convinced that homosexuality is natural and good. Told in the form of correspondence between this mother and the gay friend of her son.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H. "The Challenge to Become." Ensign, November 2000.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H. "Pornography." Ensign, May 2005, p. 87.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H. "Same-Gender Attraction." Ensign, Oct. 1995, pp. 7-14.
A particularly good explanation of the attitude that Latter-day Saints should take towards those who struggle with same-gender attraction. God created us male and female. What we call gender was an essential characteristic of our existence prior to our birth.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H. "Timing." Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on January 29, 2002.

LDS Oaks, Dallin H., and Lance B. Wickman. "Same-Gender Attraction."
An interview conducted by Church Public Affairs staff to help clarify the Church's stand on these important, complex, and sensitive issues.

LDS Packer, Boyd K. "Brilliant Morning of Forgiveness".

LDS Packer, Boyd K. "Covenants." Ensign, November 1990.

LDS Packer, Boyd K. "The Light of Christ." Ensign, April 2005.

LDS Packer, Boyd K. "The Standard of Truth Has Been Erected." Ensign, November 2003.

LDS Packer, Boyd K. "Ye Are the Temple of God".

LDS Park, Jason. "Developing a Personal Plan of Action".

LDS Park, Jason. "Free Agency and Freedom".

LDS Park, Jason. Helping LDS Men Resolve their Homosexual Problems: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Church Leaders. Salt Lake City: Century Publishing, 1997.
[English PDF] [PDF en español]
Versión en español. Texto completo en español.
Gives family, friends, and priesthood leaders ideas on supporting someone they love who is dealing with SSA.

LDS Park, Jason. "Making Life Choices".

LDS Park, Jason. "Overcoming Male Homosexual Problems". $2.00.
Free downloads: HTML -- PDF
This scholarly paper provides an introduction to the subject of male homosexuality and explains that unwanted homosexual problems can be resolved. As men resolve the underlying causes of the homosexual attractions, the unwanted impulses diminish or disappear.

LDS Park, Jason. Resolving Homosexual Problems: A Guide for LDS Men. Salt Lake City: Century Publishing, 1997. $16.
[English PDF] [PDF en español]
Versión en español. Texto completo en español.
This book provides practical solutions to resolve in nonsexual ways the inner conflicts that created homosexual attractions. It provides clear answers and practical solutions to resolve the dlfficult personal problems they face. One of the most important first books for LDS SSA males.

LDS Park, Jason. Understanding Male Homosexual Problems: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City: Century Publishing, 1997. $3.
[English PDF] [PDF en español]
Versión en español -- Texto completo en español
A 48-page booklet that provides a quick overview of same-sex attraction issues.

Paulk, Anne. Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction.
Can a lesbian change? This book offers answers to the difficult and often wrenching questions asked both by women desiring to change and by friends and relatives of women struggling with same-sex attraction.

Paulk, John, and Tony Marcos. Not Afraid to Change. 1998: Winepress Publishing, P.O. Box 1406, Mukilteo, WA 98275. ISBN 1-57921-097-X.

Payne, Leanne. Crisis in Masculinity. $9.
Delves into the depths of manhood and describes areas that God calls forth in every male that can be developed in any man at any age.

Payne, Leanne. Healing Homosexuality. $10.
This 71-page book gives hope for change through the atonement of Christ. It describes some of the problems encountered by those strgggling with this problem.

People Can Change: Our Stories of Change

LDS Personal Stories of Latter-day Saints and Other Christians Dealing with Same-Sex Attraction

LDS Pontius. Following the Light of Christ into His Presence.
A truly life-altering book that comes highly recommended. Deals very well with the topic of having one's calling and election made sure.

LDS Pruden, David C. "Lead My People: Assisting Church Members with Same-Sex Attraction" (CD).
In this audio workshop the director of Evergreen International offers a presentation he has delivered in scores of church leadership training sessions on the subject of unwanted same-sex attraction. He offers his suggestion on how we can assist Church members in a doctrinally sound manner. He draws upon his experience as a bishop, his many years of service with Evergreen International, his experience as a member of the Board of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, and his work with Latter-day Saint families. While this workshop is directed at local church leaders, it can also be very helpful to parents, spouses, and friends of those who struggle with this difficult challenge.

"Public Schools and Sexual Orientation: A First Amendment Framework for Finding Common Ground"

Rank, Maureen. Dealing with the Dad of Your Past. $13.
Healing from your inner wounds.

LDS Rawlins, Howard, Ph.D. Coming Out of the Fires. $28.
A compilation of statements by professionals, LDS Church leaders, scriptures, books, testimonials, and various other sources of research concerning homosexuality. It helps increase understanding of the issues involved in this complex problem.

Rekers, George Alan. Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know about Homosexuality. Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1982. 158 pp.
Christian psychologist describes for homosexuals and their families what is wrong with homosexual lifestyles and what can be done. Includes chapters on what parents and young people should know about gay lifestyles, temptations, sexual choices, help for those involved, and true liberation from homosexuality.

Rekers, George, ed. The Journal of Human Sexuality.

Rentzel, Lori. Emotional Dependency.
This booklet discusses how depending on someone else to heal our underlying spiritual and emotional problems is not healthy or realistic. Emotional dependency is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to healing from SSA. This booklet discusses what emotional dependency is, how to recognize it, how it is different from healthy friendship, and how to leave it behind.

LDS Richman, Larry L. Learning through Life's Trials.
Abbreviated audio version given as a devotional address at BYU-Idaho on 30 October 2007.
This booklet reviews the nature, origins, and purposes of adversity and includes suggestions on how to patiently trust in the Lord and His eternal plan and how to use these trials to learn and grow stronger.

LDS Robinson, Jeffery W. "Developing Heterosexual Attraction" (CD).
This presentation describes seven reasons why men often fail to experience physical attraction toward women even after experiencing substantial success in eliminating unwanted homosexual desires. Several strategies for increasing heterosexual desires are described. This humorous and energetic presentation has been widely requested.

LDS Robinson, Jeffery W. “Homosexuality: What Works and What Doesn’t Work”
A 2002 speech with an LDS perspective that introduces groundbreaking reparative therapy and insights for those with unwanted homosexual tendencies. Many people appreciate the approach that is taken here.

LDS Robinson, Jeffery W. "Overcoming Homosexuality: A Context-Specific Approach" (CD and article).
This presentation gives a simple and believable description of how same-sex attraction develops in the lives of many young men. It helps the listener understand why the strongest efforts to overcome feelings of same-sex attraction have not worked and may even have made the situation worse. It will help the listener to understand that unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction are not something you "have" or something you "are." The listener is invited to see same-sex attractions as simply something one "knows how to do." Coming to understand and accept this simple and basic idea has been the first step for many individuals in dealing effectively with unwanted same-sex attraction.

LDS Robinson, Jeffery W. "Overcoming Masturbation" (DVD).
This 60-minute workshop at the 2000 Evergreen Conference explores ways of overcoming masturbation. The author lists 10 top lies Satan tells to keep someone masturbating and gives 11 suggestions on how to overcome this problem.

LDS Robinson, Jeffery W. "Overcoming Pornography" (CD).
This presentation describes how the idea of changing the context can be applied to the difficult problem of pornography. A simple but effective method is outlined, which many be used to successfully overcome even longstanding problems with pornography.

LDS Robinson, Stephen. Believing Christ and Following Christ. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company.
Bro. Robinson illustrates the power of the Savior as he uses analogies and parables, as well as scriptures and personal experiences in these moving books. As long as we progress in some degree, the Lord will be pleased and will bless us. We must not only believe in Christ but also believe Him - believe that He has the power to exalt us, that He can do what He claims. People will better understand the doctrines of mercy, justification, and salvation by grace after reading these books.

Rogers, Sy. "1er Seminario de sanidad y restauración sexual" (cassette). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Rogers, Sy. "Expectativas realistas de la redención sexual y la recuperación" (cassette). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

LDS Ropelato, Jerry. "Cyberporn and Internet Safety."

Satinover, Jeffery, M.D. Feathers of the Skylark: Compulsion, Sin, and Our Need for a Messiah.

Satinover, Jeffery, M.D. Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth. $18.
This psychiatrist examines how biology, choice, and habit all interweave to produce deeply embedded patterns of sexual behavior. Based on his understandings of habit, compulsion, and addiction he concludes that homosexuality, ‘is one of the many forms of soul sickness that is innate to our fallen nature.An excellent review of Christian and Jewish scriptural traditions and what they have to say concerning homosexuality.

Scaife, Heather. "What Does Healing Look Like?"

Schmierer, Don. An Ounce of Prevention: Preventing the Homosexual Condition in Today's Youth. 1998: Word Publishing. Paperback. $12.99. Order from or by calling 1-800-933-9673 Ext. 92039.

LDS Scott, Richard G. "Finding the Way Back".

LDS Scott, Richard G. "Finding Forgiveness".

LDS Scott, Richard G. "Healing Your Damaged Life".

LDS Scott, Richard G. "Obtaining Help from the Lord".

LDS Scott, Richard G. "To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use It Wisely." Ensign, June 2002. Taken from a BYU Devotional Address delivered on January 23, 2001.

LDS Scott, Richard G. "To Be Healed".

Skoglund, Elizabeth. Loneliness.
Helps in understanding both the psychological and spiritual aspects of loneliness. It speaks of how the problem of loneliness is presented in the New Testament with both psychological and spiritual aspects. Christ Himself had need of relationships with His friends as well as with His Father. Developing a healthy understanding of our own value is necessary to finding others who will value our friendship and association. The second half of the booklet centers on developing our relationship with God and with others who share our values and beliefs.

Socarides, Charles. Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far. $27.
A psychanalyst answers 1000 questions about the cause and treatment of homosexuality. It also addresses the impact of the gay rights movement on American society. Excellent for right-brained individuals who want details.

Stanford, Linda T. Strong at the Broken Places: Overcoming the Trauma of Childhood Abuse.
Refutes the idea that victims of abuse are inevitably trapped in the cycle of abuse. Survivors can break free from the patterns of victimization and abuse and go on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Discusses key issues such as self-image, intimacy, work, and spirituality. Often, successful people can become strongest at their most injured places.

Steve S. Homosexuality & the Gospel: The Pro-Gay Philosophies.

Steve S. Homosexuality & the Gospel: The View of Faithful Latter-day Saints.

Stott, John R Homosexual Partnerships? Why Same-Sex Relationships Are Not a Christian Option.Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1984.

Throckmorton, Warren. "I Do Exist" (VHS/DVD).
A look into the lives of five former homosexuals answers many contemporary questions surrounding the possiblity of change. This documentary video describes the process of how people identify themselves as gay and then how a transition to a new heterosexual life is possible. "I Do Exist" demonstrates that change involves more than self-definition. Those who tell their story on this film describe profound reorientation of sexual and personal feelings leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and satisfaction. Supplementing this are the observations of psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer, psychology professors Dr. Mark Yarhouse and Dr. Warren Throckmorton, and ex-gay advocate Arthur Goldberg. These noted experts give the viewer thought provoking perspectives on the controversial issues surrounding the transition of personal sexuality.

Truman, Karol K. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.
This book is very helpful in the process of inner emotional healing and unique in its approach to getting to the bottom of emotional hangups and really letting them go.

van den Aardweg, Gerard J.M. Homosexuality & Hope. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Servant Publications, 1985. ISBN 0892832657. $9.
This books speaks of homosexuality as a psychological condition that can be treated.

van den Aardweg, Gerard J.M. The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (Self)Therapy for
1997: Ignatius Press. $12.
The writing style of this Christian psychologist is unique, not only due to the European flavor of the author's candor and down-to-earth approach, but he also is spared the American tendency to dance around the politically or socially acceptable manner of presenting psychological concepts, principles and recommendations. This author is no-nonsense and places the responsibility squarely on the patients shoulders of learning the truth about his inner motives and stepping into a newer level of emotional maturity....on a level that is just below our day to day awareness.

Watters, Steve. In Your Face, In Your Mind: Resisting the Power of Pornography.
From the 2000 Focus on the Family series "Dare to Dig Deeper," this booklet contains personal stories of individuals who were addicted to pornography and their eventual triumph over it. It explains the dangers and misconceptions it creates in the minds and lives of those who indulge in it. It also explains how it destroys, rather than creates, real intimacy.

Wayne, Randall. "Cross-Dressing and Christianity."

Whitehead, Neil and Briar. My Genes Made Me Do It. $13. Available from Huntington House Publishers at (800)749-4009
This clear and comprehensive book concludes that a careful examination of the scientific evidence does not support current views that homosexuality is genetic, intrinsic, or fixed.

Worthen, Anita. "El diseño de Dios para la intimidad" (cassette). Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Worthen, Anita, and Bob Davies. When a Friend Says, "I'm Gay."
Useful and thoughtful suggestions for encouraging people who are struggling with homosexual challenges.

Worthen, Frank. Cómo establecer grupos de apoyo. Available from Exodus Latinoamérica.

Worthen, Frank. Steps out of Homosexuality. San Rafael, Calif.: Love in Action, Inc., 1985. ISBN 0-945611-00-5. A Spanish-language book entitled Ayudando a gente a salir de la homosexualidad is also available from Exodus Latinoamérica.
Written by the director of Love in Action, a Christian support group for individuals wanting to lead lives free of homosexuality.

Zucker, Kenneth, and Susan Bradley. Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents.
Sexual-reorientation therapists have repeatedly observed that homosexuals exhibit an internal sense of same-sex deficit. And even though this deficit is not extreme enough to diagnose as gender-identity disorder, this book should provide great insight and hope for parents.

Many of these items can be obtained from
LDS North Star Store at
LDS Century Publishing at
Regeneration Books at (410)661-0284 or (703)591-4673 or
Desert Stream Store at (816)767-1730 or
LDS Cedar Fort Publications at (800)759-2665 or
LDS Covenant Books at (800)662-9545 or
LDS Deseret Book at (800) 453-4532 or via this online contact form
LDS Seagull Books at (800)999-6257 or
and other LDS bookstores near you.


Helpful Organizations and Websites

AIM - Adventure in Manhood
Developed to assist men and youth who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction. The activities and events are designed to promote healing for the emotional issues and wounds which create SSA. AIM fosters healthy bonding with men, through masculine activity, teamwork, and socialization. AIM challenges individuals physically, mentally, and spiritually in a safe circle of healthy men.

AIDS & STD Information (Centers for Disease Control)

AIDS & HIV Information


AIDS Research Alliance of America

AIDS Resource Center of the Journal of the American Medical Association

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Another Way Out

Befrienders - Need to talk to someone?
They work worldwide to provide emotional support and reduce suicide. They listen to people who are in distress. They don't judge them or tell them what to do - they listen.

LDS Mark Chamberlain
See Salt Lake Counseling Center

Christian Ministries for People Wanting Help in Dealing with Homosexuality

Der Neue Weg
Schweizerische Kontaktstelle für Fragen zur gleichgeschlechtlichen Orientierung und Glaube

Desert Stream Ministries
P.O. Box 17635
Anaheim Hills, CA 92817-7635
(714) 779-6899
Listing of affiliated support groups

LDS Disciples2 Electronic Support Group*
For Latter-day Saints who are same-sex attracted and want to be good disciples of Christ.
Important note: The founder of the Disciples2 support groups, Kim Nordyke Mack, originally saw these groups as belonging to the Lord, but in recent years has become more authoritarian in running them. As her doubts about living the Law of Chastity and her liberal thinking and contacts with people with weak testimonies have increased, she has begun allowing more questionable statements in the support groups and has even chastised people for speaking up to defend the truth. Now she has announced that, despite her testimony of the Gospel, she does not intend to repent from living in a lesbian relationship. It is now publicly known that she has been excommunicated and feels that that is permanent. She is still allowing the Gospel-based support in her groups to continue, and as long as she stays out of the conversations, good support can still continue. It's just important to be aware of what is going on in the life of the director of the Disciples2 support groups and the influence she exerts over them.

Door of Hope
Online course with Christian mentor, helping participants to a freedom from homosexuality and a more meaningful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Note that some mentors have had some theological differences with LDS participants, but most share the same goals we have for developing a deeper relationship with the Saviour.

Es Posible la Esperanza
Información sobre terapia, artículos, espiritualidad, libros, solidaridad, etc. desde una perspectiva católica.

LDS Evergreen International (defunct)
Evergreen was merged into North Star in January 2014. See the North Star entry below.
Note: Evergreen and North Star do not offer support groups. If you are interested in the support groups that exist or in forming a new local or online support group, see

LDS Evergreen Español
Current online support group for Spanish-speaking Latter-day Saints in all the world who deal with same-sex attraction. (Grupo de apoyo en línea actual para SUDs hispanoparlantes en todo el mundo quienes tienen que ver con la atracción al mismo sexo.)
E-mail for information:

Exodus International (defunct)
Christian ministries for people wanting help in dealing with homosexuality

Important note: Unfortunately, leaders of Exodus such as Alan Chambers, Tony Moore, and Randy Thomas have decided that the organization's focus on change was hurtful, and they have stopped the work of Exodus International as an umbrella organization for many ministries. Most of these ministries continue their work, however, and Exodus Global Alliance and its affiliates also continue to help people who wish to live according to God's plan for us, avoiding homosexual living.

Exodus Global Alliance
Help and resources with a conservative Christian point-of-view.
PO Box 21039, Ajax, ON L1S 7H2, CANADA
Tel. (416)283-9797
Contact form
Finding Help
Find a Ministry
Books and videos
Materials in various languages

Exodus Latinoamérica
Apdo. Postal 4-25, 62451 Cuernavaca, Mor., MEXICO
Tel./Fax: (52)777/317-8424
Ministerios afiliados
Foro de discusiones

Exodus Brasil
Tel.: (55)43/3027-5707
Ministérios filiados

Exodus Asia-Pacific (for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific)
PO Box 7047, Banyule, Vic. 3084, AUSTRALIA
Contact form
Resources and books

Exodus East Asia

Families under Fire
Contains two presentations on SSA by Jerry Harris.

Free to Be Me
A great place for young people to get answers to common questions about homosexuality.

Freedom with Women Seminar
A seminar to help men who are just beginning to develop better relationships with women. Based on a 450-page book written by Ron Louis & David Copeland of New Warriors called Success with Women. A related 30-day Mastery Program is available on CD.

Gender Menders
Social outreach of the Gender Identity Awareness Association (GIAA)

LDS Dan Gray, LCSW
See Salt Lake Counseling Center

LDS The Guardrail
Jeff Robinson

LDS Hoffnung auf Heilung
Online support group for German-speaking Latter-day Saints who deal with same-sex attraction. (Online-Unterstützungsgruppe für deutschsprachige Heilige der letzten Tage, die mit gleichgeschlechtlicher Zuneigung zu tun haben.)
E-mail for information:

Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services
P.O. Box 7881
Reading, PA 19603
(800)253-3000 or (610)921-0345
The 14 Steps of Homosexuals Anonymous
Online HA Support Group

Addressing issues of homosexuality in our schools.

International Healing Foundation
IHF is led by Richard Cohen and seeks to help each man, woman, and child in healing from past and present wounds, and empower them with the understanding of their value as a child of God.
P.O. Box 901
Bowie, MD 20718-0901

Journey into Manhood
A weekend of experiential exercises and inner-healing processes for men who are serious about working to overcome and resolve unwanted homosexual desires. A program of People Can Change.

LDS LDS Family Services
10 E. South Temple #1250
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(800)453-3860 (LDS Church switchboard)

To locate the nearest Addiction Recovery Program support group (which can also help with sexual and other addictions), visit this page or call LDS Family Services. If there is no support group operating within a reasonable distance, you can get a group started by having your stake president call LDS Family Services and request an information and instruction packet.

LDS LDS Depression online support group

LDS LDS-Divorce online support group

LDS LDS-Divorce-Support online support group

LDS LDS-Divorced-Dads e-mail discussion group

LDS LDS-Hope e-mail discussion group (for people who are HIV+)

LDS LDS SSA Support: Support for online and local support groups COMING IN 2016!
Useful ideas borne of experience for founding and benefitting from support groups, including a link to Evergreen's Affiliate Resource Guide (also available in Spanish). Although Evergreen no longer offers support groups, there are many useful ideas here that can help your support group to succeed. We can also mentor you in starting up a new support group.

Note: If you would like help for running or creating an online or local support group, sign up for this discussion group:
SSA Support Discussion

LDS LDS Teen Help
Good advice from peers for faithful LDS teenagers. Mentoring service. Forums for asking questions and receiving good ideas. Telephone contacts for immediate needs.
Online resources (good for all ages)

LDS LifeSTAR Network
Mark Chamberlain, Dan Gray, Todd Olson
151 E. 5600 South #204
Murray, UT  84107

Love in Action
P.O. Box 171444
Memphis, TN 38187
(901)767-6700 (M-F 9-5)

Loving Homosexuals
Thoughts about the proper loving response of genuine Christians.

The ManKind Project
The ManKind Project offers trainings which support men in developing lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling.  Our trainings challenge men to develop their abilities as leaders, fathers, and elders as ways of offering their deepest gifts in service to the world.

LDS Mental Health Resource Foundation Library
Includes resources on addiction, depression, codependence, marriage & divorce, pornography, suicide, etc.
Same-Gender Attraction Guidebook
Articles on same-gender attraction
Other LDS resources on same-gender attraction
Pornography addiction recovery resources
Suicide prevention and grief resources

NARTH (National Association of Research and Therapy for Homosexuality)
Joseph Nicolosi & David A. Matheson

Individual, telephone, and group therapy for those wishing to overcome SSA challenges.
Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic
16542 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 416
Encino, CA 91436

New Direction

New Warriors Training

LDS North Star*
A place of community for faithful Latter-day Saints (and those who are considering faithfulness to the Gospel) who want to deal with the issues surrounding homosexual attraction in harmony with the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Includes a large collection of materials on the topic, including some alternate viewpoints.
Resources for Men
Resources for Women
Resources for Youth
Events Calendar
Online discussion groups for youth, young adults, men, women, spouses, and friends & family
Note: Although the founders of North Star are dedicated to Gospel truths, they do allow discussion in their blogs and discussion groups that sometimes includes perspectives that question Church teachings or actions, and they do include news and informational links of certain materials and people that are not all completely supportive of Gospel standards. Gay self-identification is not officially discouraged. The visitor should be aware that the presence of a statement on the North Star website or on any linked website does not necessarily indicate its conformity to Gospel principles.
The directors of North Star desire to operate with a "big tent" philosophy, allowing people who are only borderline committed to the Gospel to participate. There have been a number of instances when questionable or even doctrinally wrong statements have been allowed to stand and people with very liberal personalized views on Gospel teachings have not been excluded from the support groups, even when they have been active in promoting questionable teachings. At the same time, a few people who are dedicated to Gospel truths have been silenced or limited in expressing their views when the directors have felt their testimonies were too "strident." In their Facebook group, they no longer protect a participant's confidentiality and require public disclosure of full names, which is particularly discouraging to some due to the presence of people who are likely to end up in gay-affirmative organizations opposed to the Church's teachings. The directors have recently stated that they will work on improving the moderation of their groups. Hopefully, the leadership of North Star will take steps to fortify the Gospel-based support that is possible. There are many good people participating in North Star's groups, and it is definitely possible to get good support, as long as people take to heart
the cautions about all support groups.

Outpost Ministries
P.O. Box 22429
Robbinsdale, MN 55422-0429

Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX)
A Christ-centered network providing hope, healing, and support for families and friends affected by homosexuality
(703) 739-8220 .

P.A.T.H.: Positive Alternatives To Homosexuality
Coalition of religious and non-religioius organizations helping people who desire to overcome unwanted homosexuality. Includes links to
Courage, Exodus, the International Healing Foundation, JONAH, NARTH, PFOX, People Can Change, and more.

LDS People Can Change
Offering online support groups, personal coaching, articles, stories, and links to more resources. Non-denominational, but founded by a faithful Latter-day Saint.
List of expert counselors and life coaches

LDS Thomas E. Pritt, Ph.D. and Ann F. Pritt, MS
93 So. Main
Kaysville, UT 84037
Home.: (801)544-1166
Office: (801)698-1580 or 698-1581

Promise Keepers
Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and then helping them to grow as Christians. This is mainly accomplished through our Seven Promises and our men's conference ministry.

LDS Provident Living -- Social & Emotional Strength
Library of Helpful Information (incl. discussions of things like abuse, anxiety, conflict resolution, depression, divorce, homosexuality, marriage, mental health, parenting, pornography, self-esteem, single adulthood, suicidal ideation, and more. A service of LDS Family Services.

LDS Repentant Saints
Repentant Saints is an online support group for Latter-day Saints and others who wish to overcome particularly destructive moral weaknesses such as inappropriate attractions toward minors.

Restored Hope Network
P.O. Box 22281, Milwaukee, OR 97269
Ministries, pastoral care, and therapists
Online programs

Suicide Hotline

*Important note about support groups and organizations:

Support groups, local or online, are a much needed resource for recovery and growth for many people dealing with issues surrounding homosexuality and/or sexual challenges. Our brothers and sisters who understand and who care (including those in non-LDS organizations) can mentor and encourage us in ways that are unique. We encourage people to consider giving and receiving support in such groups, but it is important to to develop the right kinds of helpful relationships. Beware of groups that claim to be for Latter-day Saints or for Christians but that do not sustain the teachings of the Gospel on sexuality. Keep in mind, too, that some of the Gospel-centered support groups listed here include a few people with questionable motives or dedication. It is not recommendable to share many personal details with the entire group, as you won't know everyone in the group; instead, keep your sharing general in the group and seek out individuals you can trust for the opportunity to get more personalized support. It is up to you to actively seek the benefits to be found in these groups.


We do our best to include the best Gospel-supportive resources in these pages, but organizations and people are seldom perfect, and you will still need to use prayerful judgment to know what can help you to achieve your divine potential.

If you can offer more sites or suggestions for this service, or if we can be of further assistance to you, please write

**Sexual addictions are often, though certainly not always, connected with homosexuality. There is also a list of Resources for Recovery from Sexual Addictions and Related Challenges available on this site.